Cannabis plant
Cannabis Plant (Full Growth)
Type Drug 
Category Narcotic 

Drops Cannabis Buds, Cannabis Leafs, Cannabis Seeds

The plant form of the Narcotic drug Cannabis. Grows in medium & lush biomes and generally grows in groups of 1 - 4 plants. 

Look for the buds at the top of the plant. If you harvest before then you will get no/less yield. You can harvest the plant like suger cane's. (the most efficent tool is the axe.)


9 cannabis buds in a drying table will yield 2 dried cannabis bud.


Crafting & UsageEdit

Cannabis Joint

Cannabis Joint


Smoking cannabis with a pipe


Smoking cannabis with a bong

To smoke cannaabis with a pipe or bong just have the item you will smoke with selected and dried cannabis bud in your inventory, then press and hold right mouse button.