Note: For a list of alcoholic drinks this tutorial applies to, see Alcohol.

Alcoholic drinks are Category:Fluids that can be fermented and distilled to form alcohol. This process happens in a few separate steps.

Fermentation Edit

Every beverage starts off as a wort. To begin the process of forming alcohol, fill your wort into a Wooden Vat and let it sit for some time. After the process is done, it should form a type of wash.

Acetification Edit

If you let your alcohol ferment in the open for too long, after it has formed a wash, it will begin to acetify. This turns the alcohol into a generally undesirable vinegar.

Distillation Edit

When your drink has been fermented, you can optionally distill it to form a much stronger alcohol. Most drinks are typically distilled one to three times, but some, like Vodka, will even be distilled up to 8 times. There is no limit, but after about 8 distillations the fluid doesn't change much after each step any longer.

To distill your fluid, fill it in a distillery, with the pipe (the condenser) leading into a flask placed next to it. The distillation process should begin.

After the distillation, the distilled fluid is contained in the flask and ready to be filled into another distillery for the next step, or a barrel to begin the maturation process. Each distillation step will be counted next to the name with a 'Times Distilled' counter, e.g. 'Vodka (5 TD)'.

Additionally, a fluid called slurry is left over in the distillery. This can safely be disposed, as it is (as of now) of no use. Slurry disposal is done by letting it ferment in a spare vat. It turns to dirt which can be removed by right clicking.

Maturation Edit

Distilled or not, most alcoholic beverages are matured in barrels for a longer time to form a good flavour. To achieve this, simply refill your fluid into a barrel and simply let it sit again.

During this process, the fluid gains little more alcohol, but the flavour develops a lot. Some alcohols, like Whiskey, are considered bad until having been matured for at least a full year.

Each (theoretical) day of maturation will be counted next to the name with a 'Days Matured' counter, e.g. 'Beer (30 DM)'. Note: Nights skipped by sleeping do NOT count towards the fermentation (unless you use a mod that changes the sleeping mechanics)

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