Rift Entity
Type Hostile / Neutral 
Category Effects Vision 
Durability 0
Stack Size 0
Drops 0
ID Unknown

Through unknown circumstances, the world seems to... Temporarily lose focus over short spans of time. These rifts in reality are extremely dangerous. To combat this, citizens long ago developed a system to constrain these anormalities to small spaces, usually visualized as small jars. Nobody knows exactly how or why it works, and nobody really questions why in fear of it the world overhearing, and just fixing the issue. But pity the fool who thinks he can make himself its master...


The Rift is a Neutral / Hostile Entity, Its only effects are vision related and do not effect core gameplay that much they Randomly spawn 216000 ticks, the only way to quickly remove the effects of the rift is to sleep or die, either way its an odd entity and doesn't really make sense in the mod already so take it however you feel in versions higher than 1.7.2 you can disable the rift by going into Mods > Psychedelicraft > Click on config > Balancing > Scroll down until you see Random Ticks Until Rift Spawn set that to 0 and disable Rift Jars For server owners running the mod go to Configs > Psychedelicraft.cfg and change the values manually Restart your game or server and there should be no more Rifts in-game.

2017-10-30 22.08.25

Effects of the Rift